How To Spice Up Your Houseplants: Bring Life To Your Space!

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How To Spice Up Your Houseplants: Bring Life To Your Space!

Indoor plant baskets bring so much beauty and flair to any environment!

Plants are the first step toward creating a beautiful and healthy environment in your house. Indoor plants, in fact, have been scientifically proven to benefit your mental health and immune system, increase your productivity, and purify the air you breathe! Plants' health advantages go hand in hand with the aesthetic value they add to any room, and this is especially true when they're presented in woven baskets!


We at My Home Garden Club prefer to use woven baskets for our plants because they allow us to hide the unsightly plastic pots that provide the drainage many plants require. With these Seagrass Flower Baskets, you can add the aesthetic you desire to any space while being able to provide your plants with proper drainage! 


When using our baskets, be sure to place a saucer under your plant to allow the plant to drain completely after each watering, in order to prevent issues such as root rot. Root rot is a disease that can harm plants if left untreated, and is most common in soils that are too dense for water to flow efficiently, or in containers with insufficient drainage holes.


After making sure your plants have sufficient drainage, add some height to your space by placing our baskets on stools, tables- any surface you desire! This creates depth in your space, while filling the environment not only horizontally, but vertically as well! 


Large low maintenance indoor plants are perfect for keeping in baskets, including plants such as Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, and Rubber Plants!

Snake Plant: The snake plant is an excellent choice for a hardy houseplant that requires little care. It's a big succulent with stiff, vertical leaves that can endure for weeks without water. It can withstand a broad range of circumstances, including direct sunlight, shade, and dry to humid air.

ZZ Plant: It thrives in less-than-ideal settings, outlasting what seems like an eternity of inadequate plant care. It only requires a small amount of water and low to medium light, and it may thrive in spaces with largely artificial illumination. It's still preferable to water it, but because it loves its soil to be entirely dry between dosages, you can do it as infrequently as once a month.

Rubber Plant: The rubber plant is a fig tree cultivar that is popular as a house and office plant. It's frequently overwatered, maybe due to its huge, dark green leaves, which give it the appearance of a jungle plant. It tolerates low light but is known for preferring a consistent location – being moved around frequently causes the plant to become stressed, which could be a benefit in disguise for less-observant plant owners. It's worth wiping down the leaves on a regular basis, though, as they can attract a lot of dust.

All are fairly low maintenance regarding water and sunlight exposure- but be careful to keep pets away, as many houseplants are toxic to animals. 


Adding houseplants to your space always freshens things up, but keeping your plants in handmade, woven baskets really elevates your decor to the next level. Be sure to check out our collection of Flower Pots to find the perfect one for your space!